Hesham Nazih is an award-winning Egyptian composer best known for his unique style that interweaves a mix of melodies from different cultures, creating an authentic genre all his own. He marked his first major English language project by scoring Marvel Studios’ Moon Knight on Disney+, a superhero story affiliated with ancient Egyptian deities and mythology.

Nazih has scored over 40 award-winning films that have dominated the Egyptian box-office such as director Marwan Hamed’s musically-intense horror features Blue Elephant and Blue Elephant: Dark Whispers, as well as director Tarek Alarian’s Sons of Rizk 1-2, in which both franchises’ sequels became the highest-grossing and second highest-grossing films in Egyptian cinema history respectively. Nazih and Hamed’s other collaborations include Ibrahim Labyad, The Originals, Diamond Dust, and the highest-budgeted Egyptian film Kira & El Gin in 2022; and his other collaborations with Alarian include the action hit Tito and The Walls of the Moon.

Nazih composed his first score for the 1998 feature film Hysteria, and three years later his breakthrough score for Snakes and Ladders was so popular that it inspired the producers to release a soundtrack album that became a best-seller at the time. Other standout films include scoring The Magician, Sleepless Nights, About Love and Passion, Sherif Arafa’s The Treasure film series, Thieves in KG2, the historical drama Born a King by the two-time Goya Awards winner Spanish director Agustí Villaronga (which was a Saudi-American production), The Guest, Hepta: The Last Lecture, Bewildered Bolbol, X-Large, and 2021’s Al Aref: Awdet Younis, the highest-grossing Egyptian romance film, which won him the Best Music Award at the 48th Cairo Film Society Festival.

Throughout his career, Nazih has worked with many other prominent Egyptian directors including Mohamed Yassin, Hadi El Bagouri, Khaled Marei, Radwan El-Kashef, Sandra Nashaat, Hani Khalifa, and Kamla Abu Zekri.

In addition to his first Marvel Studios’ series score, Hesham has also composed for critically acclaimed Egyptian television works including Sharbat Louz, starring Egyptian superstar Youssra, We'd Be Lying If We Said We Don't Love, The Seven Commandments, Wedding Song, The Covenant, and Eugenie Nights. Notably, his score for Friendly Fire (2013) was recorded in Prague, where he collaborated with the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra.

On the emerging VOD platform in MENA (Middle East and North Africa), Nazih composed the score for Shahid’s first original Egyptian series Every Week Has a Friday (2020), which earned Egypt its first-ever International Emmy nomination. He went on to compose for an episode of The Other Side of Number Two (2022), which streamed on the same platform.

Among Nazih’s other most notable works, he earned both international attention and acclaim for his original music and songs written for the lavish live production The Pharaohs’ Golden Parade in 2021, during which 22 royal mummies were moved from the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir Square to the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization in Fustat.

Nazih is the first and only composer to ever receive the honorary Faten Hamama Excellence Award from the 2018 Cairo International Film Festival. He was also featured in a conversation alongside two-time Academy Award winner A.R Rahman during Cairo Industry Days at the Cairo International Film Festival. Additionally, Nazih has recorded scores at several of the world’s foremost studios, including Abbey Road Studios in London, Smecky Music Studios in Prague, and Synchron Stage Vienna.

Hesham Nazih